Great News !!! We just launched our new Website !!! . Happy New Year 2019 !!! " Street Children Welfare" Workcamp starts on 1-14 & 17-30 th of January 2019. Medium term (SMILE MLTV02) activity require energetic volunteers at SMILE House ,India. We are welcoming international Youth group/individuals to volunteer India and Teach India project.

Volunteer Work in India

Featured Voluntary Project India

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Street Children Welfare Project (SMILE MLTV02) is the most important Volunteering in India project of SMILE Society. We are helping underprivileged kids from the community. Volunteers Needed at  Volunteer Teaching kids in India with SMILENGO.Volunteering with slum kids India and Volunteering with street kids India programs going on round the year.

International Voluntary Service in India
SMILENGO is one of the International Voluntary Organization in India.SMILE running many Permanent Volunteer projects in India like Teaching Indian Street Children, Volunteer Kolkata with slum kids, Volunteer for Girls Empowerment , Volunteer for Climate Change, Volunteer International with SMILENGO, Long & Medium Term Volunteering Indiavolunteering kolkata, Volunteer to save Animal, Voluntary Service Overseas, Volunteer to Teach English and many other Volunteer Vacancies India available. Summer Group Camps and International Student Voluntary trips in India also popular programs among youth .
Experimental Living with Indian Family (SMILE MLTV13) 
Volunteering  smilengo
Foreigners visit India to learn Indian culture,tradition, cusine and life style. SMILENGO offering this great opportunity to learn about India and its culture while  living at Indian family During this period volunteers will help in different noble causes runs by SMILE Society. We are opening the door to welcome foreigners in our family .Volunteering in India and learning Indian culture and life style is the main purpose of this unique project. International Voluntary service in India & abroad is the main purpose of SMILE NGO.
Group WorkCamp in India
 Volunteering  smilengo
SMILE Society running  multiple Voluntary Service projects for groups like Volunteer Abroad with groups, Summer Student trips India , Group Volunteer Internships, CSR group volunteering India , Student Volunteer Programs, High School Summer Trips, Volunteer mission trips Short term Group volunteering India round the year. 
International Voluntary Workcamps in India
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SMILE NGO organizes different short term Voluntary Service WorkCamps like International Youth Workcamps India, Summer WorkCamps Kolkata, International Student Camps, Volunteering opportunities India, Volunteer Kolkata for Children, 2 weeks Workcamps India, Volunteer Placement Kolkata and Volunteer Overseas Workcamps for Indian Youth are open for Social Changers and motivated youth groups. 
Exciting Voluntary  Workcamp in India:
smilengo holi workcamp india
Why Volunteering?
*Volunteering not only better our community, it also helps to better us as an individual. 
*Volunteering made us  feel good about ourselves .
*Volunteering is good for our  mind and body. It help us to rediscover our inner strength. 
*Volunteering can help us to advance in our future career too. 
*Volunteering brings self confidence, leadership, decision making, satisfaction to our life. 
*Volunteering helps us to fight against of stress, anger, and anxiety in our lives.
*Volunteering made us to lead a simple and happy life.
*Volunteering helps us to know different cultures, communities, being a part of it. 
*Volunteering teaches us not to be judgemental about anything. 
*Volunteering gives us true knowledge of life. 


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