Volunteer Internship India

Volunteer Internship India SMILE projects are great platform for International Students Groups to get first hand knowledge and experience while helping as a volunteer abroad projects in India. Students from local universities also participate in such project as a group (subject to availability).International universities, colleges and professional institutions are welcome to get this life changing experience under experienced social worker in our Volunteer Internship India programs.
Students from numerous faculties can enjoy this platform just before starting their journey in their professional career. Choose your project and apply soon with your CV, Background Check, Parent Consent letter ( if you are below 18 years), Letter from your Education Institution,  copy of your photo Id issued by your Government).
Every incoming Student Volunteer Interns should have to pay the participation fees which will cover their food, shared dorm based room, training, Airport transfer, local transportation and local supervision. Please contact us for further details. Limited positions are open any time of the year as per availability.
No financial support or study credit available from SMILE NGO India. 
Volunteer Internship Details :-
Short term duration : 2 weeks,
Volunteer Internship in India Participation Fees (Only for Indians, including Registration fees, training, orientation, food & shared room ) for 2 weeks Only Rs.12500; Payment
Middle term duration : 4 weeks, 
Volunteer Internship in India Participation Fees (Only for Indians, including Registration fees, training, orientation, food & shared room ) for 4 weeks  Only Rs.25000   Payment
Maximum duration: 6 weeks
Volunteer Internship in India Participation Fees(Only for Indians, including Registration fees, training, orientation, food and shared room ) for 6 weeks  Only Rs.37500   Payment
Places location: Madhyamgram, Kolkata,India
Group size :4-20 students 
Age: 16-26 years. ( Students below 18 years need parent written permission)
Following projects are available for Student Volunteer Interns...... 
*Street Children Welfare 
*Street Girls Empowerment 
*Street Dogs Welfare 
*Urban Organic Farming  
*Painting & Renovation Assistance 
*Inter Cultural Exchange 
*Clean Ganges River and awareness programme  
*Clean India activities and awareness programme
*Drama & Music for Social Awareness 
*Hygiene & Cleanliness Awareness 
** No financial support, study credit, salary available here at SMILE . Every students required to cover their personal expenses like pocket money, medical cost,flight ticket and participation fees and other associated costs.All these projects are self sponsored volunteering Internship opportunities only.  
** All students must follow the Organisation rules and policies during their stay at SMILE House.  Outside living during project duration strictly not allowed. On successful completion every student wil receive the Certificate of Participation. 
**All international students are requested to contact our office for details.
Volunteer Internship Opportunities in Abroad also available for Indian Students. Contact our office for more details