Frequently Asked Questions

SMILE is one of socially responsible volunteer organization who offers volunteer programmes throughout the year.Volunteers need to pay the living cost only as per local host and this cost goes directly to them arrangement are organized by the local host for all volunteers and groups in India.This cost includes 3 times local tasty veg food and dorm/shared simple non airconditioned accommodation in the hotel/guest houses/host families as per available on arrival,airport pickup also available between 6 m to 6 p.m on prior information.Orientation and onsite coordinator also be organized for free from the organization.

Soon you check our site and decided to participate in our programme ,please send us your details through our contact form/email us,we will contact you as soon as possible with all the details.Then you can book your seat through our online application form. All international volunteers are requested to contact our partners from their country to register their place with SMILE. You are welcome to participate in our volunteering projects directly only  if we do not have any partner from your country.

We simply ask that volunteers are open-minded, flexible, and respectful of cultures and traditions, determined and motivated. Any special qualifications you may have are always useful

No,but they need soft heart for children,adaptibility to different cultures,societies and really motivated mind to something.

All Volunteers can choose their project at the time of application subject to availability.No Volunteers are allowed to work in two different projects at the same time. All volunteers are requested to work in their own project for their whole term unless they have the permission from the Organization.

Living cost + flight cost+ vaccination cost [ ask the Indian embassy nearest you] + personal cost + insurances cost + visa cost. Volunteer receive NO salary or Stipend for their service.

Yes. One hour free wifi available at accommodation during weekdays .There are many phone booths and Internet cafes in the city as well,which will cost Rs. 10-15 per hour.

It again depends on the places. India is a big country with many local languages, hindi is the national language though there are many other languages spoken in the different states of India. There are local people in every city know English.

If you are taking part in our volunteer/internship projects then sleeping bag and mosquito net is essential but if you take part in our package programmes like tour and volunteering then these things are not necessary.

It depends on the project area and locations. There are many good hospitals in every cities in India

You can certainly seek placement and/or accommodation with a friend/ friends. Please indicate in your application, and we will do our best to place you in the same accommodation and/or project. Please keep in mind that this is subject to availability.

We need a brief CV, a copy of your passport, a copy of your visa, two copies of a recent photograph, criminal record check report from your police station, any experience copies or education copies and a reference letter to apply in our programm. Please ask us if you need any further information.

We are one of the organization working closely with the local and international organizations and place our volunteers in different sector of volunteering in IndiWe request our volunteer/s to mention their intension and choice during application ,we will try our best to find the best possible placement for you and your team members,if it is available otherwise you have to take part as per the avilability on your arrival.

No, but the language spoken with the host families is English. Therefor, volunteers are expected to speak basic English.

No, but if any volunteer like to gift anything to any poor kid that will be welcomed, which they should distribute by themselves .SMILE do not accept any DONATION from international volunteers . Volunteer will get everything of their daily requirements around their accommodation unless they stay in any rural area.

For volunteer cum tour programme, accommodation would be at guest houses/hotels organized by our travel partners but for only volunteer/internship program your accommodation would be mostly on dormitory basis as per available with local host. Though there are always a option of applying for the privet room/air conditioned room against a extra fees as per available by the service providers. Outside living NOT Allowed. All volunteers for the same project should have to stay at the same accommodation for safety and security reason.

 -  You are requested to follow the local dress code. Sleeveless/shorts/vest are not allowed.
 -  Smoking and bringing alcohole in project area is not allowed.
 -  Kissing and hugging in project area are not allowed.
 -  Photography is not allowed in our project locations.
 -  Volunteers are requested to be very careful about their belongings/money/camera/phone etc.
 -  Volunteers are requested to return back their room before 8 p.m.
 -  Volunteers are requested not to take any food/drinks from any strengers.
 -  You should bring sunscreen, sun glasses, cotton dresses for summer and light woolen for winter and an umbrella/rain coat for monsoon season (July - Sep).
 -  Anti-mosquito bite deet is important. A flash light, first aid medicine, one pair of sleepers and one pair of shoes can be helpful.