Voluntary Programs India

As you may already know about the most incredible country of the World “India” locally known as Bharat”. A country with diverse languages, cultures, food, dresses, society and tradition. A true example of “Unity in diversity”. Modern days, millions of people from round the world visit India to experience it.
If you are planning to visit India as well then you should choose Voluntourism India programs or Voluntary Programs India to rediscover this huge country while doing volunteering services for good causes. It would be a safer and cheaper way to get involved.
If you like to make your trip really memorable and valuable then participating in volunteering opportunities should be the best option for travelers, groups and backpackers.
There are many voluntary programs India welcomes international youth & seniors travellers. . NGO work always brings peace and satisfaction. You should be prepared to lead a simple and challenging daily life in India. Please do not expect for free accommodation and /or food in return of your time. Actually it is a wrong concept that every volunteer help in Volunteer Abroad projects, actually as a volunteer, your chances of learning is more than vice versa. Also most of the Indian Charities do not get any financial help from outside, so offering food/accommodation might not be something that you ask against your service. Be ready to pay the participation cost which covers expenses related to your daily life. Please do not ever think to make a change to any project in such a short time but you can have a chance to assist local members. Actually as a volunteer we can learn many valuable things about lifestyle, leadership, self respect, patience, self confidence etc. During volunteering Abroad Programs,respecting local customs, languages, dress codes, food and people can help us a lot to make our life more enjoyable with every passing days.
Different types of Volunteer India Projects available around the country. Choosing a good program is more important than choosing a touristic location. If you wish to have more knowledge about Indians then joining any authentic Charity like SMILENGO from Kolkata, India (https://www.smilengo.org should be the best option. Although there are other good charities in the country. There are many profit making companies now a days doing business through their attractive Internet presence , so be careful while select your dream program.
SMILENGO (Member of CCIVS under Unesco) running many permanent Voluntary Programs India round the year.
Following programs are available for energetic travelers coming to India . All projects are open for motivated international volunteers for short term (min. 2 weeks) to long term (6 months) duration. Groups or Individuals from any part of the world can participate in SMILENGO Volunteering opportunities India.

Available Voluntary Programs India are as follows :-

  • Volunteer Teaching India with Street Children,
  • Volunteering India with slum kids,Volunteer India with underprivileged girls,
  • Volunteer India for Environmental Project,
  • Voluntary Service Organization India,
  • Volunteer for Animal in India,
  • Volunteer to Stop Climate Change,
  • Volunteering India for Charity,
  • Volunteer in NGO of India,
  • Renovation Volunteering Overseas Programs,
  • Clean and Green India Initiative,
  • Voluntourism in India,
  • International Voluntary Workcamps,
  • Summer WorkCamps in India,
  • International Workcamp Organization,
  • Student Exchange Abroad Programs,
  • International Student Group Camps,
  • Volunteer in Mission Trip India,
  • Volunteering in Calcutta,

And many more such exciting initiatives…

Contact SMILE NGO partners from your country Or contact SMILE NGO Office directly for any further assistance.